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    تحميل جتا سان اندريس الجديدة سنوو مود


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    تحميل جتا سان اندريس الجديدة سنوو مود

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    GTA San Andreas: Snow Mod
    PC game | English | Rockstar Games | 792 MB
    Genre: Action

    Modes for GTA SA! we have winter! All in the snow, roads, mountains, winter sky, the snow machines and frost, dress for warmer! Maud does not require the original, added new clothes, cars, weapons, missions, and much more ... super easy!

    Automatic installation
    Replaced more than 1700 textures
    100 of cards in the snow
    Wetahercontrol (press 1 to change the weather)
    152 new cars
    30 new types of clothing
    Handling realistic
    Photo realistic textures of snow
    Traces during braking
    Xenon and LED lights
    Snow tires
    New high texture interiors
    Additional vegetation
    New wheels and tires
    New Weapons
    New Mission
    Car dealer in Otto Carsaloon
    13 eastereggs
    Start a new game is not required
    And much more!
    Gaps fashion, too, have (water does not freeze, people dressed in light)
    Effects replaced

    Screen Short

                         Download from WUpload

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